Producing High Quality Goods Across Eorzea and the East

A Limsa Lominsan based Trades Guild seeking to distribute high quality goods across Eorzea and the Eastern continents. Established by a team of artisans, gatherers, hunters, and expeditioners, Lapis Luxury continues to push the boundary in order to provide the highest quality goods possible.

Whether you're looking to expand your small business or find a place to circulate your goods through an ever expanding and competitive market, Lapis Luxury can help you find security.

Our Mission:
In Character Information

Lapis Luxury is a Neutrally Aligned, Light/Medium Roleplaying FC determined to rival the East Aldenard Trading Company. It was reinvented into the company known today from the Ragnarok Artisan Kollective, and is financed by Leilani Lani. Despite having only been established a year ago, Lapis has grown incredibly and seeks to continue to do so, bringing in individual talents and small businesses alike.

It bolsters a large member base, submarine and airship docks, two vessels on lease from Limsa Lominsa, and is working on coordinating efforts of surrounding businesses in order to carve out its own corner in a competitive marketplace. As contributing members of the Firmament Restorative Initiative, Lapis also has a great foothold in the reconstructive efforts of Ishgard.

Employees can expect a fully NPC staffed Company House, gain access to high quality materials provided by the company, and use company influence to better advertise and circulate goods into Western and Eastern markets.

Lapis Luxury is also home to many a mercenary who have traded theirs titles to become hunters, expeditioners, and informants, making use of skills from their previous lives to provide the company a competitive edge.

What We Offer:
Out of Character Information

Being a Light/Medium RP FC, Lapis also finds a great deal of enjoyment running the content, old or new, of the game. This includes Wonderous Tails, Dungeons, Roulettes, Raids, Extreme Trials, Timeworn Treasure Maps, and Savage Content.

Active hours are generally around around 7p - 1a Eastern time during the week, with the majority of activity seen on weekends.

We have a Discord server that provides a wealth of IC and OOC information, from Lore to Crafting/Gathering rotations and macros. For those wanting to continue RP scenes but are unable to do so in game, we also provide an RP section with updated FC House Images. Our administration team also exercises an "Open Door" policy with all Lapis Members and non-members, and are there to listen to any questions or concerns that might arise.

Who We Are:
General Company and Discord Rules

General Rules
Be respectful to your all fellow members of this server in both chat and voice chat.

If you are in an allied FC's discord, we would also ask that you give them due respect as well since you are representing Lapis Luxury.

Lapis Luxury is a gaming group first and foremost. While we understand that life can suck sometimes, we ask that you keep more sensitive and personal issues to yourself- for both your sake and others. Please understand we are not trained professionals that are properly equipped to help. That said, if you do find yourself at a breaking point with frustration, please do take a moment to breathe and step away from the situation and/or computer.

If you leave the FC/Discord out of frustration, please note that a quick readmittance may not be allowed, and communication may be limited due to Discord Security settings.

Failure of reading these rules before obtaining a role will not absolve you if you break them. Rules that are added or edited will be announced at an appropriate time.

Regarding alternative accounts (alts) we ask that if you:
Firstly tell us so we may assign the proper role in game.Secondly try to limit yourself so we're not bolstering our numbers with alts.
Inactive characters, including alts, will be removed from the company after not logging in for 24 Days. This is to keep the member list current, so a removed character is free to return. This rule does not affect this discord server.

Please note: You will be contacted via Discord before your character is removed.
Please make sure to join Discord and change your Nickname to your character's In-Game Name so that the administration can contact you prior to removing your character from the FC! We understand that burn-out and life can happen, and if this is your case, we can assign you a different role for a period of time until you are contacted again or until you return.

*Rules will be added or changed as necessary.

Our Affiliates:
Companies and Events

Lapis Luxury has the privilege of working with other great Free Companies, both OOCly and ICly, and often collaborate events that include any willing to participate. Below is a list of some of the companies that we collaborate with!

Contact Us:
Company Administration

The Team!

Administration is made up of Founders Leilani Lani, Faith Buhen, Celestaux Villeneuve, and Moderator Novae Tsuken, also known as Tera, Rak, Niles, and Nova.

If you'd like to inquire about Lapis Luxury, please feel free to contact on Discord:

  • Leilani Lani: Tera#3530

  • Faith Buhen: Raklah#4407